Wi-Sun Alliance Board Of Directors



Co-Chairman of the Board
Hiroshi Harada
Executive Visiting Researcher
National Institute of Information Communications Technology (NICT), Japan

Hiroshi Harada is currently an executive visiting researcher of NICT and a professor of Kyoto University. He spent more than 20 years in wireless communication research, development, and standardization in NICT. Especially, he has contributed to many international standards as leadership and technical contributor. He has served as the chair of IEEE Dyspan Standards Committee (formerly, IEEE SCC41 and IEEE 1900) since 2009 and the vice chair of IEEE 802.15.4g, TIA TR-51, IEEE 1900.4 and IEEE 802.15.4m. He is one of founding members of Wi-SUN alliance and also major contributors who launch Wi-SUN system in all of electricity companies in Japan and received the prize on the contribution from cabinet office of Japan.


Co-Chairman of the Board
Raj Vaswani
Silver Spring Networks

Raj has been with Silver Spring Networks since 2003, and brings more than 20 years of innovation, product development and product management experience in the Internet, software and networking industries to the Company. Prior to joining Silver Spring, Raj was an Entrepreneur in Residence with Foundation Capital. Prior to Foundation Capital, Raj served as Vice President of Engineering at Epinions.com (now shopping.com), a high-traffic consumer-oriented Web site. Previously, Raj was Senior Scientist and Director of Engineering for the @Home Network (later Excite@Home). Raj holds a MS in Computer Science from the University of Washington and a BS in EECS from the University of California at Berkeley. Raj's commitment to the environment extends to having a large Oak tree in the center of his house, although he hugs it only sporadically


Board Member
Gary Stuebing
Cisco Systems

Gary is currently leading the IoT standards efforts at Cisco Systems as part of the Chief Technology and Architecture Office. Gary has a long history in networking, including Mutual Life Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy and finally Cisco. Prior to Cisco, Gary had been the lead for Powerline Communications standards and regulatory work at Duke Energy. In 2007 Gary joined the Smart Grid PLC and Network Design team as a Strategic Planning Manager. In 2012, Gary led the efforts for Smart Grid Standard in Cisco’s Connected Energy business group. Gary currently represents Cisco as a contributor and leader in a number of standardization and certification efforts. These include IEEE, ITU, IEC and the UCAIug. He represents Cisco on the Boards of Wi-Sun, LoRa, AVnu and UCAIug. He is the president of the AVnu Alliance and serves as a co-chair on the OCF Industrial Standards Committee. He is the Treasurer of LoRa. In addition, he serves on the IEEE Corporate Advisory Group as the chair of the Ad-hoc committee on Open Source.


Board Member
Kunihiko Hattori
General Manager of Smart Meter Systems Div.

    • May 2013 - Senior Manager of Power Control Computer Systems Dept
    • Feb 2014 - Senior Manager of Advanced Meter Communication Systems Dept.
    • Oct 2016 - General Manager of Smart Meter Systems Div.


Board Member
Ed Eckert 
Director, Strategic Industry Standards – Office of the CTO
Itron, Inc.

Mr. Eckert leads a team at Itron accountable for developing and executing business-driven standards strategies that enable Itron’s customers to satisfy their commercial and regulatory commitments. Ed fosters the individuals that create, as well as the organizations that develop, the standards and technical specifications to realize implementable and interoperable industrial IoT network solutions.

Prior to joining Itron, Mr. Eckert held senior positions at BNR, Nortel Networks, Catena Networks and Ikanos Communications, leading cross-discipline, multi-regional industry standards development teams for communications technologies. 

Mr. Eckert has also held numerous positions in deliberative, consensus based technology standards development organizations – from technical editor to working group chair to board chairman – where he is recognized as a visionary, pragmatic leader.

These experiences provide Mr. Eckert with a unique mix of skills – consensus building , team motivation, interpersonal communications and organizational – that drive his laser-focus on solving real industry issues through open, fair and balanced processes. Ed understands the vision of opportunity built on a foundation of technical, commercial, regulatory and political pragmatism.


Board Member
Takuya Fujimoto

Takuya Fujimoto joined Omron in 1982. Since joining Omron, he has been involved in the development of a road-vehicle communication system and also participated in Joint Research on the ETC system in Japan. He also engaged in the development of millimeter wave communication equipment and the new business development for UWB communication systems. Currently, he heads the wireless division at the Technology and Intellectual Property H.Q.

Takuya has a B.S in Electrical Engineering from Ritsumeikan University.

Junichi Iwana

Junichi Iwana
Principal Expert
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Since 1985, Junichi Iwana has been involved application engineering for Microcomputer solution of a wired and wireless communication system technology, especially in the development for Multi feature Phone, Answering Phone, xDSL, PHS, Bluetooth and now Wi-SUN. He is one of founding members of Wi-SUN alliance and currently the Treasurer of Wi-SUN alliance.


President and CEO
Phil Beecher
Wi-SUN Alliance

Phil Beecher has extensive experience in wireless communications protocols, standards and testing. He was chairman of IEEE 802.15 TG4g, TG4u and TG4v (wireless standards for Smart Utility Networks for use globally), vice chairman of IEEE 802.15 TG4m (TV Whitespace), vice chairman of the WiFi Alliance Smart Grid Task Group, Chairman of OpenSG Edge Conformity Task Group, Contributing Editor to IEEE802.15.4-2006 and has held positions in the US Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Test and Certification Committee, Telecom Industry Association and Bluetooth SIG. He has been an active contributor in the development of communications standards and the specification of test plans for a number of Smart Utility Network standards, including Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Home Energy Management Systems.

He is a graduate of the University of Sussex with a degree in Electronic Engineering and holds patents in communications and networking technology.


Des O'Donnell

Analog Devices


Takayuki Kotani

Murata Manufacturing


Shinichi Kozu



Terumi Sata




  • Bob Heile - Director of Standards
  • Chin Sean Sum - Certification Program Manager
  • Rolf Bienert, Lakeview Group - General Manager
  • Shannon Mayette - Marketing Communications
  • Takashi Shoji - JP Administration

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