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Wi-SUN is a leading global industry alliance promoting interoperable wireless standards based solutions for the Internet of Things.

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Wi-SUN for Utility Industry

Wi-SUN Alliance provides wireless mesh solutions for Field Area Networks for applications such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Distribution Automation, and for Home Energy Management. Wi-SUN has been chosen by Utility companies as the Wireless solution delivering Interoperable products from multiple vendors.


Wi-SUN for Smart Cities

Wi-SUN Alliance Field Area Networks deliver multi-vendor interoperable solutions to a broad variety of applications including street lighting, parking systems and traffic management.  Municipalities can install products from different suppliers confident that they will seamlessly interoperate.


Wi-SUN for IoT

Wi-SUN Alliance solutions are ideal for a wide range of IoT applications, including agriculture, structural health monitoring and asset management.

What is the Wi-SUN Alliance?

The Wi-SUN Alliance promotes the adoption of open industry standards for:

  • Wireless Smart Ubiquitous Networks and related applications as defined by international and regional standards development organizations.
  • It seeks to advance wireless Smart Ubiquitous Networks worldwide and related interoperability and compliance certification programs.
  • Other activities include user education, industry outreach and other support programs as well as lobbying regional regulatory bodies for spectrum allocation for smart grid services.

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New Whitepaper: Comparing IoT Technologies at a Glance

Click here to download the Wi-SUN Alliance's new whitepaper which compares three of the major IoT wireless technologies: Wireless Smart Ubiquitous Network (Wi-SUN), LoRaWan and NB-IoT.


Colton Ching Interview

Colton Ching, HECO, speaks at the Wi-SUN Alliance member meeting in Hawaii.

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Benefits of Wireless Mesh

Watch the video below to see the advantages of Mesh networks for Smart City applications.

Wi-SUN Alliance FAN

Watch an animation of the Wi-SUN Alliance FAN Specification.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday December 5
LPWA Americas

Wi-SUN Alliance announces feature complete Field Area Network Technical Profile Specification

The specification brings Smart Utility Networks to enterprises, service providers and municipalities by enabling interoperable, multi-service and secure IPv6 communications over an IEEE 802.15.4gTM-based wireless mesh network.  Mesh-enabled field area networks provide resilient, secure and cost effective connectivity with extremely good coverage in a range of topographical environments, from dense urban neighborhoods to rural areas, with minimal additional infrastructure.  

Find out more about the Wi-SUN Alliance FAN:

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