Wi-SUN Alliance Expands Global Participation; Adds Several New Members

Cisco Systems, Huawei, Tokyo Gas, and Toshiba Toko Meters Join Alliance.

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From the network industry, key new additions include Cisco Systems joining at the Promoter membership level and Huawei joining at the Contributor level.  As a Promoter member, Cisco Systems has additionally been accepted to the Wi-SUN Board of Directors, joining existing directors from Analog Devices, Fuji Electric, Murata Manufacturing, Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Omron Corp., Osaki Electric, Renesas Electronics and Silver Spring Networks.

From the utility industry, key new additions include Tokyo Gas and Toshiba Toko Meters joining at the Contributor membership level.  As one of the largest utilities in the world, Tokyo Gas serves more than 10 million customers and has a long history of active participation in standards efforts, including IEEE 802.15.4g.  Toshiba Toko Meters is a major supplier to and part owned by the Tokyo Electric Power Company, which serves over 20 million customers in the greater Tokyo area.

"Our current membership warmly welcomes these new additions," said Phil Beecher, chairman of the Wi-SUN Alliance, "We have focused on developing an open and participatory testing and certification process, as demonstrated by recent successful interoperability and educational events in several countries. Our rapid growth shows the widespread global support for this approach.  We look forward to active participation from our new members, and to announcing additional members and other collaborations in the near future."

A complete roster of Wi-SUN membership, including most recent new members, as well as information on membership levels and benefits, can be found at www.wi-sun.org.

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